Sell Your Items

Sell your Items Scrabble Board - Gold Buy and Sell -Ampthill Antiques Emporium

Gold & Silver, Jewellery & Coins

We are urgently seeking to purchase your unwanted Gold and Silver items.

Jewellery broken, damaged or just unfashionable.

With Gold prices currently at an unprecedented all time high.

The time is now to part with your unwanted items.

You maybe pleasantly surprised !!!

Sell your Items Sell Gold and Silver Jewellery and Coins Ampthill Antiques Emporium

Sell Your Items

Sell Your Items - Ampthill Antiques Emporium

We purchase a wide spectrum of items, from individual pieces to an entire houseful.

Our principal area of expertise and core focus is jewellery of all descriptions Antique or Modern.

I am keen to purchase Gold & Silver items in any condition.  Watches working or not, Rings missing stones, Odd earrings, damaged or broken chains, Coins especially Sovereigns, Tea Services, Flatware etc.

Collections of costume jewellery also considered.

I will test, weigh and appraise your items while you wait.


Email with brief description and photograph if possible

Post as above
In Person
Home visit

Click Services tab for specialist Valuations, Probate, Trusts & Estates, Family Division etc.

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